The fastest way to get a six pack abs is by consulting this fitness gurus

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Who are the six pack abs gurus?

If you are one of those poor unfortunate people who try as they might, can never seem to get those six pack abs that they have always wanted, then now is the time to try something a bit different. Just working out will not give you those perfectly sculpted six pack abs that you have been trying so hard to achieve, you also have to do the right moves and exercises, the ones touted by the six pack abs gurus.


Introducing Mike Chang

Mike Chang is one of the six pack abs gurus, and a quick Google search of his name will reveal why. Mike Chang got tired of his flat stomach, which although looked ok, it was a long way from sporting those sculpted six pack abs he wanted to achieve. So, Mike set about learning how to become a personal trainer, as well as the steps and techniques that it takes to get a set of perfect six pack abs. After much trial and error, as well as trying them out on his clients, Mike came up with 27 vital exercises that can help to achieve the perfect six pack abs.


Introducing Mike Geary

Another six pack abs guru is the former personal trainer and nutrition specialist Mike Geary. During his time working as a personal trainer, Mike was constantly bombarded by people who were after the secrets behind obtaining the perfect six pack abs, and how to lose belly fat. Due to the fact that he was being asked the same questions over and over again, he discovered that there was a lot of misleading and erroneous information regarding the loss of belly fat and the achievement of six pack abs. Mike also discovered that the majority of people he trained, had little to know idea of how to combine a good exercise regime with their diet and nutritional needs.
The result was Mike Geary’s ‘Truth about Abs’ program, which provided all of the necessary advice on how combining exercise and nutrition can really make a difference to those people looking to get the perfect abs.


Introducing CJ Senter

CJ Senter is a child who has soared to fame as the ‘Workout Kid’ due to the fact that even at 10 years of age, he was already sporting a set of six pack abs, and he even has his own abdominal workout video.



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