Remedial Massage for Cartilage Damage

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Remedial massage is a healing treatment for tensed, damaged, knotted or immobile muscles and that can be deep, gentle and strong. It is a technique which manipulates the soft tissues of the body it locates and repairs the damage tissues and help them to speed up the repair mechanism. It traces the root cause of the discomfort and cure both the cause and the symptoms. This massage therapy is one of the fastest growing physical treatment in the world.

Cartilage Damage

Now a day’s Remedial massage is very common in cases of Cartilage damage, it is used specially during the rehabilitation of the injury. Cartilage damage is a common physical problem and this is a kind of injury which is mostly concerned with knee joints. Cartilage are kind of tissues which can be found at many parts of body and which helps the cushioning of the bones. Remedial massage for Cartilage damage is a very popular method to help in the rehabilitation of this physical problem.

How does it work?

This is a technique which works in body system through two ways: mechanical action and reflex action. The hands of the massage therapist are the most important tool in this therapy. It is done by certified therapist and trained therapist. It is a recognised health treatment in many countries.

Mechanical action

Using the hands the massage therapist creates movement in tissues and different parts of the muscle. It creates a stretching and creates a pressure movement on the tissues. This kind of mechanical motion on the tissues loosen the stiffness in the joints and breaks up the fibrous tissues. It reduces the strain and stresses from the tissues and muscles. It also opens up any blockages and also helps the tissues to return to its original health.

Reflex Action

Reflex action is a medial art and this helps to cure the related parts of body. Many different parts of the body are connected via nerve pathways. Reflex action allows the therapist to massage one part of the body to cure the physical problem of the other part. As an example, you will see that some therapist will cure the problem regarding pain in leg by massaging the lower back, or sometimes they cure your stomach related problem by massaging the arms.

Benefits of Remedial massage

There are many health benefits of Remedial massage and that is why this treatment is becoming more and more recognized by people. Few key benefits are listed below:

· Increases the simulation to the blood supply by allowing the toxins to be removed from the muscles.

· Calms the nervous system and eases the pain and gives comfort.

· Relaxes muscles and tissues and releases muscle tensions.

· Helps the bone joints by reducing the stiffness.

· Improves the health of the cells and let them go back to the previous health condition before injury.

Remedial massage therapy takes only about 30 minutes to one hour and depending upon your needs and health condition the therapist give you a massage on particular area or on full body. Remedial massage has a lot of health benefits and it is encouraged to undergo this treatment if you have any tissue or muscle injury. Remedial massage for Cartilage damage is also a very good treatment to help or assist the healing of tissues and joint problems.



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