Inspiring Weight Loss Stories of 2 Men

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If you really want to be inspired to lose some weight these two guys can easily bring you to your feet. Joe and Louis were both in similar situations. They were both overweight and they were both dealing with health problems but they had very different reasons to lose the weight.

Joe says

“ I was 41 lived alone drove a truck and felt ok with my life. I thought my aches and pains were just the result of old age but boy was I wrong. I had high blood pressure and a few other age related things going on or at least I thought they were age related. I watched both my mother and my father deal with high blood pressure and diabetes actually they both passed away from strokes. I wasn’t too worried I was taking medication to control my high blood pressure. I had an “incident” while driving one day that forced me to pull over. I had severe pains in my chest. Luckily it was not a heart attack but an Angina attack. My weight was just putting too much strain on my body ( I learned this after talking to my doctor). My bones were not made to carry around 280 pounds! I was scared. I am not going to lie. I was scared. I started making some changes to what I ate and how much exercise I was getting. I wanted to live and make a life for myself. I did it after 10 months I had lost 100 pounds. I worked my butt off.”

Louis says

“I love my wife. I love my kids. I mean I just love my life and was floored the day I woke up in the hospital with my wife and kids by my bedside. When they told me I had a heart attack I could not believe it. I mean sure I was on the heavy side 240 pounds but I did not think it was too excessive. I guess I had let myself go. I was taking high blood pressure medication but I was eating like a 20 year old still and my idea of exercise was walking from the living room to my work shop in the garage. Seeing my wife’s face when I woke up in that hospital made me realize that if I did not do something I would not be seeing that face too many more times. I lost 120 pounds over two years through diet and exercise”



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