Herbal Supplements That Will Help You Lose Weight

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Most over the counter and herbal products for weight loss work as an appetite suppressant. An appetite suppressant will trick your body into thinking that’s its full so that you won’t eat or put food into your body. Sometimes we have a habit of just putting food into our mouth when we get tired or when we get bored. This is a bad habit and it’s really hard to break especially when you work eight to ten hours in an office setting. People who work in an office will eat four times as much during the day as opposed to someone who works outside a traditional office setting. When you are stuck inside an office you will tend to get bored and start eating to pass the time or to give your hands and mouth something to do. Eating like this during the day can add pounds to your body quickly and once you put on the pounds it’s extra hard to get them off.

Ephedra and its appetite suppressant ingredient commonly known as Ephedra were found in herbal dietary pills that were used for weight loss. Ephedrine is used is asthma medication and it’s also known as speed. There little difference between Ephedrine and speed. I bet that will make you think twice before you take one of those pills again. Speed will make your heart rate increase and your body will start to show the effects of it. You will begin to sweat and breath deeper as a side effect of the Ephedrine. People who take this medication will also start to notice that they can stay up until two in the morning and get up at seven that morning with no problems. Five hours is not a lot of sleep and most people would be very sluggish the next day, but not the people who take Ephedrine. You will also start to notice that when you do sleep you don’t sleep very well and you toss and turn all night long. This is also the side effects of Ephedrine.

There are some herbal supplements that you can take that will help you lose weight the natural way without hurting your body. Cascara is commonly used in weight loss products and it’s the one of the few herbs that is approved by the FDA. This herbal supplements works as a natural laxative and it will help keep your body regular and it will also help you lose weight. Dandelion is also another good herbal supplement to take when you are trying to lose weight. It can possibly cause significant weight loss by decreasing your body’s water. If you take this supplement you need to be careful because it can cause allergic reactions and heartburn.



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